The only practice bar exam where you can see how you stack up to others!

Ontario Bar Prep is the best practice tool for preparing for the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor exams. Our questions are designed to be challenging, preparing you for the pressure and stress of the real exams. Once you complete our exams, we provide you with a detailed report on your performance and show you how your scores compare with other test-takers.

Sandra P, Osgoode Hall

Adam S., Osgoode Hall

Ontario Bar Prep was my #1 choice for practice exams leading up to the licensing exams. Their tests are the most accurate representation of the structure and difficulty of questions you will see on test day. The online platform ensures that you will improve on your time management – one of the most essential skills needed for the licensing exams.

John R, UofT Law

Art Z., Bond University

This practice exam offered the most challenging and realistic questions out of all of the other competing services. The combination of true to life questions and timing restrictions makes this practice exam an ideal study aid.

John R, UofT Law

Alex H., Queen’s Law

What I particularly liked about Ontario Bar Prep was that I was able to see how my scores compared to others who had also taken the practice exam. This helped me identify a couple of my problem areas, which allowed me to focus my studying in the days leading up to the exam.



Ontario Bar Prep has figured out what the LSO expects from bar exam takers because it gives you a sense of the real grind of the actual exams. The questions are structured similarly, it is time-bound, and most importantly, you can see your score in comparison with other exam-takers to show where you stand. This is a must-do practice exam for anyone looking to pass the actual exams.